Monday, May 21, 2007

Home of the Blues: "Come Hell and High Water" at BC Space Gallery

The beauty of N'awlins before Hurricane Katrina, the frightening events during it, and the unimaginable aftermath are documented in COME HELL AND HIGH WATER at BC Space Gallery, May 17 - July 7, 2007.

The extraordinary artwork of three New Orleans-based artists give new meaning to its tagline, "Home of the Blues." Photographers Jackson Hill, Brian Gauvin, and Thomas Neff were there to record it all. As a town with its own share of natural catastrophes -- although certainly not of this scale -- Lagunans can relate, and I hope they come to this show.

Jackson Hill is a professional photographer and educator whose studio is located on the streetcar line in downtown New Orleans. From this vantage, his "Night Nature" series captures the romantic vision of the New Orleans nightscape as it was before Katrina changed everything. Brian Gauvin is also a working photographer and exhibiting artist in New Orleans who was on the scene in the critical periods immediately after the storm struck. His insightful images capture the ensuing chaos and often bizarre physical juxtapositions created by Katrina. Thomas Neff' is a professor at the School of Art, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, who participated in the ensuing search and rescue missions where he recorded his compassionate photographs and personal narratives of the survivors of the storm.

The collective impact of the work by these three artists is a compelling portrayal of the cataclysmic effects Hurricane Katrina has had on the lives and landscapes in the Big Easy.

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