Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Catch this: FishPhone Finds Ocean-Friendly Dining Options

You want to be ecologically correct, you really do, but you're also hungry for dinner. What to do at the seafood restaurant with a list of delicious-sounding options staring from the menu? If you order the shrimp, are you complicit in the destruction of underwater habitats? If you buy a bag of Trader Joe's frozen orange roughy, are you part of the problem, not the solution?

Help is a text-message away: the Blue Ocean Institute has launched the FishPhone, which brings sustainable seafood information straight to your cell phone or PDA. So the next time you're about to order, just text 30644 with the message "Fish" and the name of the fish in question and within seconds you'll get an environmental assessment of your choice of seafood.
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