Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update: Goko Stays!

Never doubt the power of a handful of vocal locals. Goko Cafe has gotten a reprieve and will stay in its location at Thalia and Coast Highway. Agreement was reached this week between building owners Cary Glenn and Richard Zona and Goko proprietors George Risteski and Connie Stojkoski, averting the possibility of a formula-based Quizno's Sandwich Shop in the quaint but admittedly rundown space.

Mayor Toni Iseman said that this kind of activism is what Laguna's all about, and as a former firebrand herself, she was pleased that the issue awakened Lagunans long enough to sign petitions and pass around e-mails to save the homegrown eatery.

But be aware that our mayor just added to the onerous list of activities a true patriot must do to prove his worth (besides bearing a magnetic yellow ribbon on one's car in support of our troops). Mayor Toni Iseman admonished constituents: “It’s our patriotic duty to eat there.”

Gosh darn, how much can one person give??