Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On Hiatus

The Lagunan is taking off tomorrow for a 10-day trip outside the Bubble, to the verdant yet probably sweaty lands of the distant Eastern quadrant of our fair nation. Will report on contrasts and impressions of the hinterlands upon my return. Peace.

Rhymes with Switch....

...which is what her mama spared her as a child -- and look how spoiled that nasty, mean-spirited Ann Coulter turned out. Oops! There I go, calling her names, when it's what I despise the most about her. Or maybe what I despise most about her is how she has nothing intelligent to say when she parks herself in front of a microphone -- her favorite place to fling her blonde tresses petulantly about and toss out not-very-clever insults for anyone whose political stripe she disagrees with, and hit htem below the belt as often as possible. For someone to go on television and announce that she wishes John Edwards had been killed in a terrorist attack -- hmm, there aren't polite words to describe such a person. "Base" might fit. I wonder about how loud and long and virulent the backlash would be if it had been a Democratic-leaning commentator who made such an inane remark about a GOP candidate.


Do we have to listen to this angry, brittle, below-average woman? Can't we elevate the discussion? Is it too much to ask our mainstream media to more carefully consider whom they put in front of a microphone?