Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peace is Patriotic

My friend Laurel of the Laguna Beach Peace Vigil called with a last-minute request for marchers in this Saturday's Patriots' Day Parade. It starts at 11 a.m., but Laurel said the group is slated at position #81 and you needn't show up until 11:45 (in the parking lot of the LBUSD on Blumont Street at Park Avenue). Or you can feel free to join from the sidelines if you want, or double-dip if you or your kids are marching with another group.

Laurel said she will have lots of various "approved" pro-peace signs you can carry. She asks that you please don't bring your own signs as the group is allowed to display only our own banners and a number of pro-peace signs (negotiated with and pre-approved by the parade committee).

Laurel would love to see lots of children and families participate. If you're a member of Veterans for Peace, MFSO, CODEPINK, etc. please wear your group's shirts, hats and insignia etc. to help let the community know the diversity and strength of our commitment to PEACE .

For further information, call Pat Cohee:(949) 494-6649 or e-mail:
What could be more patriotic than peace?